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Partick Boiler Installation And Replacement

Whilst a new boiler is seen as a significant cost to any property, our aim is to turn it into an investment for our customers. Using our market knowledge and experience we will design and select the best, most efficient, reliable and affordable system for your property and your budget. Giving you big company guarantees at small company prices. Contact us for a free quote..

We install all types of boilers including combi boiler, system boiler, conventional boiler, unvented hot water cylinders and electric boilers in the Partick area.


Central Heating Flush  – Partick

We offer a Magnacleanse central heating flush to remove iron oxide sludge build up from your radiators and also install a Magnaclean protection filter. This protects the lifespan of your new boiler with 30% fewer breakdowns. It also saves you money on your energy bills as it increases efficiency while reducing your carbon footprint.

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12 Years Of experience

We take great pride in our work, and always go above and beyond when required. You can read our reviews on my builder – Here


SAF Plumbing and Heating are proud to be trusted Baxi approved installers. We recommend Baxi for all of our installations because of their reliability, long life span, excellent warranty’s, high energy efficiency and are straight forward to service. With this Baxi approved membership we can get you a same day call out from Baxi in the case of your boiler breaking down and needing a repair during its warranty period, giving you that extra comfort.

finance options available

We have finance options helping ease the cost of your new installation.

Central heating flush Partick

We offer to install magnaclean filter and carry out central heating flush, increasing efficiency and protecting your boiler.

After Care

We offer an after care boiler servicing package keeping your boiler safe and manufacturer warranty valid. We will carry out your first annual service after installation free of charge.

gas safe and insured

Our gas safe registered engineers are fully insured and highly trained. We provide one years installer works guarantee giving you complete peace of mind.


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New BAXI Boiler Glasgow

New Boiler Installation Partick


Boiler Installation Partick

A new boiler can be a complicated decision for most homeowners having to think about the costs, the type of system for there hot water and heating demands, the reliability, efficiency and quality of there new boiler installation. We are more than happy to attend a free appointment to advise, plan and quote the perfect system for your Partick property.


New Boiler Installation Partick


Modern condensing boilers are between 92-94% efficient ErP, aka A-rated. Old boilers can be as little as 60% efficient, G-rated. But it is not as simple as swapping out an old boiler for a new boiler to reduce your fuel bills by 30%. The correct boiler install, system and size must be carefully selected to maximise the efficiency for the size of your property, hot water and heating demands. We take great pleasure selecting and installing a boiler that will reduce your energy bills and carbon foot print at the same time.

Will I need a Central heating Flush? Partick

We always add a cleaning chemical during the commissioning and do a mains flush but highly recommend that you do a MagnaCleanse central heating flush which we can carry out before your new boiler is installed or directly after. The vast majority of boiler manufacturers insist that their boilers are installed onto clean, flushed central heating systems. They can attempt to avoid honouring their warranty if failures can be attributed to sludge/rust circulating in the system.

Are you Gas Safe licensed registered and insured?

Absolutely, all our gas certificates are kept up to date and gas license renewed every year. You can find us on the Gas Safe website or ask for our gas license number. We are also fully insured with public liability insurance.

Do your boiler installations include a filter?

Absolutely – all our boiler installations will include a magnetic filter. We always install a MagnaCleanse heating filter. Not all boiler manufactures state you do not necessarily need to fit a filter, but it’s effectively accepted practise by all reputable installers. They help to maintain the lifespan of the boiler, prevent future boiler repairs and increasing efficiency.

Essentially, they are a magnet which collects debris within the central heating system as it circulates around your system. It avoids the debris from entering your new boiler installation.

Do you conduct emergency boiler installations?

Absolutely. When your homes hot water or heating fails most people want a new boiler installed quickly. Contact us and we will respond on the same day. We are always willing to go above and beyond to help fit in urgent boiler replacements as we know how inconvenient it can be.

Do you include a chemical flush with all new boiler installations?

Yes. We always add a cleaning chemical during the commissioning and do a mains flush. This can be added before the boiler installation to allow more time for the cleaner to break up the debris/sludge to be flushed out or also can be left in the system for up to a week after in the install.

Once the new boiler is installed, flushed and commissioned, we would add inhibitor to the system. This chemical remains in the central heating system until it is next drained down.

The inhibitor provides protection for the central heating systems against limescale and general corrosion. It will extend the life of the system dramatically, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimising fuel usage keeping more money in your pocket.

I know some companies use sub-contractors to fit boilers – do you?

No. Our boiler installation service is conducted by our directly employed gas engineers with years of experience.

Which types of boilers do you install?

We install all types of domestic boilers including combi boiler, system boiler, conventional boiler and unvented hot water cylinders. SAF plumbing and heating are Baxi associated installers and always recommend Baxi as our number one choice but we install many other brands like Vaillant, Worcester, Vokera and Alpha.

I would like to pay monthly and spread the cost of the boiler on finance? Can you offer finance?

Yes, we have boiler finance options available, 0% interest and monthly payments available. 

I'm not sure if my boiler actually requires replacing - can you conduct a boiler repair?

If you are unsure about boiler replacement, we would need to inspect the boiler and diagnose the issue. Contact us to book an appointment.

How long does the installation take?

All our combi boiler replacements or boiler conversions are completed in 1 day. If you want or require a central heating flush then it may be 1.5 days.

Sometimes it can depend on the complexities like whether the gas pipe requires upsizing (you might know this as the boiler requires ’22mm gas pipe to the boiler’). During the quotation, we can evaluate whether this is required. It is important that the new boiler is sufficiently gassed to the manufacturers’ instructions. This is important for the safety and operation of the boiler.

 If you require a full new heating installation with boiler, pipes and radiators then it may take 2 days.

Will you make good any plastering/boxing in and flue holes?

We have to seal the flue – this is part of the boiler installation job. However, any extra plastering or boxing in can be priced into the quotation should it be required.

When fitting a new flue, for example going from a balanced flue to a concentric flue (the flue most combi boilers use) it may require to be bricked up, due to the fact that the balanced flue is much larger in size, so we are required to brick up around the flue and seal it.

Do you supply and install new heating controls?

Yes, our qualified electrician will install the controls of your choice whether it is the smart hive or a basic room programmable thermostat. It will also be wired into a spur switch so the power to the boiler can be switched off in case of an emergency or maintenance.

Do you remove old boiler and rubbish?

Yes, we will always remove and recycle the old boiler and rubbish on the same day. We aim to recycle as much of the metals, plastic and cardboards as possible.

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